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Many of us have said, "I'll believe it when I see it!"
The trick to manifesting the health & happiness you want is knowing this:
"I'll see it when I believe it!"
Yes, the belief must come first.
The foremost challenge when dealing with chronic pain and illness is helping people overcome limiting beliefs such as:

*  "I'm going to have this disease for my whole life." 

*  "There's no way I could ever get better."

*  "There's no way that this pain (or other symptom) could actually be a healing sign because it hurts/bothers/distresses me so much."

*  "Healing isn't possible, at least, not for me."

These beliefs often set in very firmly, especially when the pain or illness has persisted year after year. 

It's typically not enough just to do some cognitive reframing by suggesting that people simply just believe the new belief that has been presented for them.
No, these are deep-seated beliefs, and, in order to address them there are a number of helpful approaches that allow "shift" to happen.  They include:
  1. EFT - The Emotional Freedom Techniques - "tapping"
  2. Hypnotherapy
  3. Neurolinguistic Programming
People can allow these shifts to happen through practicing new beliefs as well, but the practicing of the new beliefs has to be more dominant than the practicing of the old beliefs which have normally picked up a huge amount of momentum by the time a person has had a chronic disease for a few years.
So, for effective "belief busting", use a big "demolition" tool such as one of the 3 listed above [LifeCore uses EFT].  And then, when the big blockage is moved, you can fine-tune with more of the same and/or introduce a step-wise rehearsal of beliefs which is discussed below.

If the person can't actually imagine feeling better physically or can't imagine that healing is possible, one can start with the thought:
"Even though I don't believe healing is possible yet, I love the desire I have to feel better."
Notice that there would likely be little to no built-in resistance for either part of that statement for a person who was firmly believing that they couldn't get better, but desperately wanted to.
Incrementally, new thoughts can be introduced as a person inches (or steps or leaps, since everyone shifts at a different pace, and they are all perfect paces) his or her way toward feeling better.
Another helpful tool along the way is focusing on something that brings happiness or pleasure in this very moment.  The best way to start this is to begin "off the topic" of the pain or illness entirely.  The reason being is that, imagining no pain or illness at all in the face of present-moment intense symptoms can sometimes be like "twisting a knife that is already stabbed in". 
Instead, it is more helpful to shift focus onto such things as deriving pleasure from the sensation of the sun upon your face, a nice breeze, a song that is soothing, the smell of an essential oil or fragrance, feeling a soft pillow or cushion that one is sitting upon or against, or the relaxation that comes from a deep breath.
Therefore, put your focus on things that feel good right now, moment to moment, even if you aren't yet manifesting your biggest desire:  to be pain or disease free.
By being in the now, you will find your greatest healing power.

Find your happiness now, and the rest will follow! 
-Written by Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, D.PSc, MCAP, psychotherapist, wellness consultant and founder of LifeCore. Call 305-396-6360 to schedule a complementary 15 minute phone consultation to get the help you need to align with your health & happiness!



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