Session Length

Most regularly-scheduled sessions, including the first session, are scheduled for 90 minutes in duration.  Although this varies from the standard 50-60 minute therapy hour, a 90 minute session using EFT-enhanced psychotherapy is more comprehensive and effective than a 50-60 minute session.  

There may be times when a 60 minute session is clinically appropriate, and, scheduling issues may also arise, and therefore, occasionally a shorter session is scheduled.  However, a new client typically begins with 90 minute sessions in order to optimize the therapeutic experience and the outcome.

Duration of Treatment

With the EFT-enhanced psychotherapy approach, clients are often able to achieve their therapeutic goals more rapidly and to reach a degree of thoroughness in “clearing out the underlying problems” so that symptoms don’t repeatedly resurface when the same old triggers are encountered in the future.  The duration of treatment does vary, however, based on a number of factors.  

Session Frequency

Typically clients have a 90 minute session every week or every other week.  In certain cases, if someone's intensity and urgency level is high, Intensive Sessions (3 hours in length may be advised), or, meeting 2 times per week for 90 minutes each time, may be advised.  Contact LifeCore for more info about Intensive Sessions that may be appropriate for your particular concern(s).

Keep in mind that working through your concerns every other week (or twice a month) is more effective than not working on them at all.

Session Rates

90 Minute Sessions

$295 for 1 session 

$825 for package of 3 sessions ($60 savings, compared to individual sessions)

$2,495 for package of 10 sessions ($455 savings, compared to individual sessions)

**The 3 session package must be used within 90 days from the date of purchase.  The 10 session package must be used within 12 months from the date of purchase.   

Invest In Yourself

It is a new and sometimes difficult concept for some people to invest time and money on themselves.  If you are having trouble deciding to commit time and money into the process of transforming your life, you are invited to call Lauren for a free 15-minute consultation at 305-396-6360

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