Optimal Wellness Cancer Group


New group for 2014 forming NOW!

-Are you scared by a new cancer diagnosis and aren't sure what your next step should be?

-Are you experiencing a recurrence of cancer that caught you by surprise?

-Are you overwhelmed emotionally by your diagnosis?

-Are you feeling alone, as if no one understands what you are going through right now.

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, this group can offer you a great deal of assistance, support, and direction.

The group is for anyone who currently has or had cancer and is aimed at demystifying cancer and simplifying the healing process.

You are invited to this safe space so that you can transform your life through your experience with cancer via the use of powerful healing techniques.

As a member of this group, you will:

  • Learn & understand why our bodies create cancer in a highly predictable manner 
  • Understand how to identify the emotional causes that contributed to the formation of your cancer 
  • Learn EFT "tapping" in order to reduce diagnosis shock and to calm your fears about cancer 
  • Learn ways to reduce the emotional roadblocks that get in the way of your optimal healing 
  • Learn replenishing calming & revitalizing visualization techniques 
  • Gain a deeper spiritual understanding as to why you are experiencing cancer at this point in your life

Naturally, there is a great deal of fear, anxiety, and a host of other negative emotions associated with a possible cancer diagnosis, being treated for cancer, living with the symptoms, adjusting to bodily changes, and coping with fear of metastasis or of recurrent cancer. People with cancer need powerful tools to work with those intense and often-overlooked emotions.

A phenomenal tool you will be taught are the life-changing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also called “tapping”, that clear out unwanted negative emotions that get in the way of optimal healing.

Also discussed will be German New Medicine (GNM) which explains clearly why our bodies have cancer. Seeing cancer through the lens of GNM can reduce cancer-related fears and take away the mystery behind cancer.

The group is lead by licensed psychotherapist/EFT & Wellness Coach, Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, D.PSc, CAP.

Each 90 minute group costs $50 and a portion of the fees are donated to the Holistic Health Fund.  The group is 8 weeks long.  Save $50 off the total rate if you pay for the 8 sessions up front.

To be pre-screened and registered for the group, please call or email Lauren as directed below.

Further questions can be directed to Lauren at 305-396-6360 or lauren@lifecoreonline.com.


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