How Network Marketing is like the Unpopular Kid Who Grows Up to be the Coolest & Most Successful Adult

How Network Marketing is like the Unpopular Kid no one wanted to hang with Who Grows up to be the Coolest & Most Successful Adult

I really didn’t know much about network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) back in 2015 when a colleague introduced me to it, but I knew that there was this lingering stagnant air of “Is it one of those pyramid things?” that made it almost seem like the kid no one wanted to hang with.  Like we shouldn’t go near him.  Like we’d get “cooties”, or worse yet, “go to jail”, if we hung around him.  Unfortunately, like at school, rumors and misinformation spread, and the illegal pyramid schemes of yesteryears, that didn’t actually sell products or services, tainted the very legitimate business structure that an MLM actually is.  But, like any “new kid on the block” it had to get made fun of for awhile, and tested, until people got to know the kid better, to see what the kid was really all about.

And, the fact that most people who get into network marketing have zero background working in that type of business, and often start off with too passive or too aggressive of an approach (which I was guilty of too before I “found my groove”), doesn’t always leave people with a warm and fuzzy feeling about network marketing.  It’s the awkward new kid at school who hasn’t found her way through the halls and hasn’t found her crew of peeps to hang with yet.

And then there’s the fact that it being new and strange to most people just so happens to trigger everyone’s fear and doubt because they have no history with this “new kid”.  Deep down they may believe that the kid has a lot to offer them and the world, but they don’t even know if it’s worth it to open up their life and let in this potential new friend.  After all, they might have to step out of their comfort zone a tiny bit.  At the least, they’d have to go up and say “hi” to the new kid, even if her friends wondered why she was talking with the strange new kid at school. 

Then, being friends with the new kid would require getting to know a little about her, “Where are you from?” (What are the stats & facts about the company?), “What to do you do for fun?”, finding out what’s unique about her (How’s she different than all the rest out there?), finding out what you have in common with her (Could I use these products in my home or office?), finding out if a friendship would actually work (How much time would I have to put into this?).  We all know that “really getting to know someone” can’t be done with just a “hi” and “bye” in the hallways without any dialogue taking place over the course of time.  Relationships, at least the ones that are worth it, take time. 

What if that quirky new kid, who you really feel you should talk to, because your gut is telling you it’s “all good”, but your head is saying “nah, don’t do it”, turns out to be the coolest kid ever?  What if the relationship were smooth and easy, and a lot better than you thought it would be…because that kid later turns out to be your best friend, ever.  What if he or she grows up to be the most successful person, who has the life you’ll later wish yours were like?  What if you are missing out on…A…LOT.  A lot of fun.  A lot of extra money in your bank, for a really long time.  A lot of life experiences that you know you really want to have, but you just haven’t put yourself out there to receive them…YET.

Now, of course you can’t go back to high school, and, that may be just as well (“thanks, I’ll pass”), BUT, it’s not too late to take that step now.  Reach out and get to know “that kid”.  Without getting to know the kid, and what the kid has to offer you, you won’t know what you’re missing.  You can always say goodbye at any point, no hard feelings, because the kid is cool (remember?) and goes with the flow, but you can’t enjoy the benefits of your friendship if you don’t get to know each other.  Go ahead, the kid doesn’t bite (I promise)…reach and out and get connected today.


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