7 Ways You Can Get a Better Night's Sleep

7 Ways You Can Get a Better Night's Sleep


We need to get decent sleep if we are to feel inspired and productive in our daily lives. Thankfully, there are a number of helpful, natural approaches to getting a better night's sleep. The 7 approaches below cover action steps that you can take as well as products you can use to support a calmer mind and body, with the goal of promoting more solid sleep on a regular basis.

Journal Before Bed:  Get your stressors out of your mind and onto paper so they are less apt to interrupt your sleep. And, if you keep a journal bedside, then you can write down ideas or things you want to remember, if they come to mind in the middle of the night.

GNM:  If you are waking up at 3 AM and having trouble falling back to sleep, then, according to the amazingly accurate medical science of German New Medicine, you are experiencing conflict about something in your life, for example, finances, relationships, decisions, etc. Practical and emotional solutions both can work very well here. When it comes to resolving the emotional side of things, you can use the following approach, EFT.

EFT:  This is Emotional Freedom Techniques, or "Tapping". Even if you don't know the words to say yet (which you can think of in your mind instead of saying them aloud in the middle of the night), you can tap on the EFT acupressure points to calm yourself and ease yourself to sleep or back to sleep. If you aren't familiar with EFT, you can simply start off by taking the fingers of one hand and tapping on the crown of your head, or by taking the fingers of both hands and tapping slightly below the collarbones.

432 Hz Calming Music:  432 Hz music has a very healing frequency and can be very calming. I'm a fan of finding some 432 Hz music on my Spotify music app. and turning this on with one earbud in, since I'm generally a side sleeper, and don't want to wake up with my ear against the pillow hurting. This is also great if there is background noise interrupting your sleep.

Mediation:  If you're having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, sit up in your bed (at bedtime, or later, if you wake up in the middle of the night) with your legs crossed, breathing in and out deeply and slowly, paying attention to your breath, and when your mind wanders, and it likely will, just gently bring the focus back to your breath, over and over. When you get calm and tired enough, lay back down and think of your favorite place to be or situation to be in, imaginary or otherwise. This will be good distraction as it will help you from letting your mind slip back into distracting or troubling thoughts.

Natural Sleep Enhancers:  It stands to reason that supplements that make you calmer and help you relax from stress, will also help you fall asleep easier, and sleep more solidly. My 3 favorites include essential oils. They are:

  • Calming Blend Capsules that contains Lavender and Coriander essential oils as well as GABA and Sceletium Root
  • Restful Blend Softgels containing Lavender essential oil and L-Theanine and the extracts of Melissa, Passionflower, and German Chamomile, and,
  • Copaiba Capsules which contain non-psychoactive cannabinoidal properties.

Diffusing or Applying Essential Oils:  Some oils can be applied topically, right on the skin, or they can be diffused with an aromatherapy diffuser as well. You can use the following essential oils and blends in both ways:

To implement all of these at once, would be overwhelming. My suggestion to you is start with 1 or 2 approaches and integrate some of the other approaches over the course of time.

Which approaches would you like to try?  Share your thoughts in the Comments below!


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*Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, D.PSc, MCAP, psychotherapist & wellness consultant, is not a medical doctor (MD), nor is LifeCore a medical treatment facility, and any information presented in the above article is strictly educational and is not a replacement for medical advice.  

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